Quilting for Beginners * Sewing Machine Basics

About Me

10 years ago...

I was bitten by the sewing bug when a friend taught me to make pillowcases and curtains for my new home. I've been sewing like a mad woman ever since.

Teaching is my passion...

I've been a teacher my entire life and I really love teaching people how to make something special and get comfortable using a sewing machine. I love modern quilts and sharing my love for creating with fabric makes me feel complete.

All in one place...

I want this site to be your one stop shop for information about sewing and fiber arts. If it's the best shops to visit in a town you're traveling to, or how to finish a quilt that you want to become a cherished treasure, this is your place for that information!  You can find almost anything you need from a search engine, but how can you trust that it's the tried and true technique? I won't promote or share something if I don't feel it can help you or add value to your life. 


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