Just Me, Tell Me Thursday

Dear Summer,

Here I am, less than a month away from the school year (for my son) starting up again and all those things I had thought I’d have tons of time to do now that I’ve left my corporate 9-5 have actually proven to be kind of a challenge. I left my full time job to take on the full time responsibilities of managing our house, doing administrative work for my husband’s business and dedicating time to planning out how to re-build the Just Rotary Blades website.

Without the structure of a full time job and set office hours obliging me to work, I find myself either engrossed in posting on Facebook or searching Amazon for the next cool thing to buy for my new obsession, Junk Journals (which is actually kind of ironic, because junk journals are supposed to be created from ephemera, not brand new stuff).

A couple pages from my junk journal made from ephemera from our trip to Disney World.

As you know, Summer, my hobby of choice since roughly 2007 has been quilting. I am not big on being outside because, well, Texas is HOT and I don’t enjoy sweating or exerting myself outside of air conditioning. I’ve never felt very comfortable in a bathing suit and geez, the beach here (Galveston) it has so much SAND and SUN and the water is kind of brown and murky. EWW So not really a beachy kind of person. (Side note, that’s how I knew my husband I were meant to be together, he dislikes the beach almost as much as I do)

Although I do love the brightly painted houses in Galveston. This picture was taking in May of 2017 when a friend got married on the beach.

In fact, the last few days my son and I have gone to the pool but it’s at the local Natatorium (which he adorably calls the Auditorium) which is an indoor Olympic size swimming pool. There isn’t a concern about getting sunburned and even though they do leave a side door open for a little ventilation, we don’t have as much issue with bugs that we would outside.

OK, so back to Summer activities, I thought we would spend time going to the Children’s Museum or the Science Museum, I guess there is still hope for us, we have a few more weeks before school starts. Maybe we’ll save a trip to the beach for October (I think I finally understand why my mom loves to visit the beach in December) and plan to go camping when it’s cool enough to enjoy having a camp fire and making s’mores.

The last time we went to the Children’s Museum, 2016

One thing I have really enjoyed this summer has been the Camp Wanna Craft virtual camp that Cori Speiker (The Reset Girl) hosted. It truly was amazing and has pulled me into a world of paper, glue, stickers, and crafty ephemera that I didn’t realize could be so fun. I totally KNEW that world was there (kind of like the upside-down, but not nearly so creepy, just different) and had visited the world before when I went through a Stampin’ Up rubber stamps, Creative Memories Scrapbook phase. I also bought lots of “mixed media” supplies such as gloss medium and molding paste and fluid acrylics but I never knew what the HECK to do with them. The scrapbook stuff kind of died when digital cameras came along and without the skills or desire to learn the art journal stuff, it just went to the wayside.

Camp Wanna Craft changed that for me, because truly, Pinterest and YouTube can only get you so far. There is SO SO SO much to be said about planned, guided instruction. And remember, I used to design corporate training for a living, I REALLY appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating videos, editing them, loading them to a website and getting all the pieces to fall into place in the end. Also, the community of folks I’ve found in the paper craft community has just expanded my sphere of friends and it’s so fun to see a mix of projects in my Instagram feed!

Well Summer, I believe I’ve said my peace for the moment, although there will be more later so please stay tuned. I know you get a bad rep because of the heat, and bugs and heat but this is my time to practice Hygge (have you seen the post from Bella Magazine about Hygge in Summer?) and cozy up in my air conditioned house and play with all my craft supplies (and figure out how organize everything – that will definitely be a future post!)

If you want to keep up with my day to day crafty craziness, please go find me on Facebook or Instagram, my account is Sew Good Sew Far on both, and say hi because I love to have a two way conversation, as much as I love to talk!

Happy Stitches,


Blog Post, InstaFriday

Insta-Friday: Houston Insta-Quilters Meet Up


Welcome to another edition of Insta-Friday, where I will share a little tidbit of (hopefully) helpful information about Instagram to make using it easier and more enjoyable! Or I just ramble on about how much I love Instagram.

As fun as it is to connect with people all over the world through Instagram, I still feel that quilting is a social activity that should be shared in person (my husband would disagree with that though).  Maybe it’s because when I have a friend to sew with, I don’t have to stop sewing to take a picture and share it on IG if they are sitting right next to me!

Through my posts on IG I have come to realize that there are A LOT of quilters in Houston who use Instagram! This is so exciting to me because it helps me feel connected to them, maybe because I know they are experiencing the same hot and humid weather or I know they feel my pain when I talk about the traffic in Houston. It’s just another way to connect to them.

When I posted the question to my IG friends to ask if anyone wanted to meet up, I had a really nice response! The only problem, Houston is super spread out and a lot of us have full time jobs and/or children and driving across town for a meet up is not really something we wanted to do (see previous comment about the traffic).  So now I’m trying to work out some of the logistics but I have a temporary solution.

In August I have a meeting planned for for the Savor Each Stitch Bee on Saturday August 1st from 1-3 pm at Panera Bread in Post Oak and I’d like to invite any and all Houston Insta-Quilters to come either to the bee meeting (we’re discussing the design concept of Scale from the 3rd or 4th chapter of the book) or come at 3 pm for the Insta-Quilter portion of the afternoon.

I guess the point of this post is that even though Instagram is technically a media where you may never expect to meet people you “know” online, there are still opportunities to meet them! In fact, it was an almost surreal experience when I got to meet a few people at the International Quilt Show in Houston last fall whom I only knew online (@capitolaquilter and @cauchycomplete to name two) and again at QuiltCon I made a new friend who actually lives in Houston (@sweetfeetstitches)! Social media is helping to make our large world feel smaller and more connected and that can never be a bad thing.

Insta-Quilters in Houston Meet Up

(not sewing, just sewcializing, but you’re welcome to bring sew and tell!)

Saturday August 1st

3pm -5pm(come from 1-3pm if you want to participate in the Savor Each Stitch Bee)

Panera Bread in Post Oak

Questions? Just drop me an e-mail and I’ll try to answer them

Happy Friday,


Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday – Nacho Mamas Quilt

One of my best quilty friends, Danielle of Nacho Mama Quilts
One of my best quilty friends, Danielle of Nacho Mama’s Quilt

I think I’m getting addicted to this blogging thing!! I hope I can keep up the pace because it’s been so fun to use this as an outlet for the random things in my head almost every day plus I totally needed another website to check obsessively throughout my commute to and from work. (I’m a little addicted to checking the visitor stats on my new blog, thanks to all 20 of you who have visited me so far!)  So today I thought I’d feature one of my best quilty friends, Danielle from Nacho Mama’s Quilt. We met back in 2010 when the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild was just starting, in fact, we both agreed to be board members and help start the guild from scratch. That was a super tough time in my life, I was going through a divorce and realizing that you really can’t plan out your entire life in advance because if you do, it will flip upside down! Well, the formation of the SAMQG was a God-send and so was meeting Danielle. She’s a vibrant person, she’s full of life and experience and she takes amazing pictures! She is a totally kick-you-know-what long arm quilter as well. Just recently, since she has been able to find her solid foundation in San Antionio, her Long Arm quilting talent has started to shine through.  She’s also been my life line since my little family picked up and moved to Houston. In fact, she’s from Houston, which makes her all the more awesome! Every time we talk on the phone, what is intended to be a 30 minute conversation turns into a couple of hours and she always seems to be able to make time in her amazingly busy schedule to talk to me. We are partners in “quilty crime” and we love to scheme and plan, even if it never turns into anything, it just helps to have someone to bounce idea off of. Oh and did I mention that she was instrumental in making the SAMQG the amazeballs (had to use that word!) guild that it is today? She took the reigns and did what she does best which is delegate and lead and she made sure that everyone felt welcome and united and it really shows in the guild today (and I’m only a long distance member).

If you are ever in need of long arm services, you should consider Danielle because she is truly an amazing quilter and I’m pretty sure you’ll end up with an awesome new friend along the way.

So tell me, who is your best quilty friend or who has made a significant difference in your quilty life?

Happy Stitches,