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I meet a lot of people who want to learn to sew or quilt but just don’t know where to begin! I don’t blame them, the blog universe is huge and growing every day. Sometimes we end up with a case of TMI – Too Much Information.  I plan to use this page to compile some awesome resources for beginners to sewing and quilting. It might be books, blogs, YouTube videos or even local quilt shops that offer classes. I believe in supporting local shop owners in addition to online resources. I have found that one of the best sources for a wealth of knowledge when it comes to sewing and quilting is my local Houston Modern Quilt Guild. You can find a list of all of the Modern Quilt Guild chapters on their website.

Private Sewing Classes

If you live in Houston or surrounding areas and would prefer personalized instruction (or you can invite a couple friends), please send me an e-mail about scheduling a class.

Here are some great options

Beginner Level:

These classes will include sewing machine basics because the best way to learn to use the machine is to actually use the machine to make a finished project!

You will also learn how to:

  • Choose coordinating colors
  • Measure
  • Cut
  • Sew fabric together to complete your project.


Tiered skirt – various children’s sizes available


Eco Market Tote

Intermediate Level

Slightly more advanced techniques including how to:

  • Use a zipper foot to install a zipper
  • Read and use a pattern
  • Determine your size for a commercial pattern
  • Assemble the pattern including some finishing techniques.

The quilt class will teach you how to cut, sew, quilt and bind your project and may require more than one session.

Zippered Clutch

A Line Skirt

PJ Pants

Doll or Mini Quilt

Doll Clothes (American Girl size)

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