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Spring Clean Fling 2015

Wow, try saying that tile 5 times fast! I decided on a hash tag for my Spring organizing posts on IG, it will be #springcleanfling2015 because if you can believe it there are already posts on the tag with the same name but no year! I’ve decided that I will do a round up of my links and posts about Spring cleaning/organizing on Fridays during April. That way if you aren’t on IG, you won’t miss out on the goodness and you’ll have the whole weekend to try out the suggestions!

Here are links to the ideas I’ve posted this week

Washi Tape Cord Labels

Magnetic Strips for Bobbins or Scissors

Mason Jar Storage Shelf

If you want to post some ideas feel free to use the hash tag above to share on IG or post your ideas in the comments here! I love more ideas!

Happy Stitches,


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